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Just purchased a new 2008 RXT 255. I have a few questions on the handling. I am used to the RXP which handled great, but went for the RXT for family and open water use. I have a few concerns on the steering/handling of the new rxt, only have 7 hours on it...are these normal and is there anything I can do about it?

1) As expected, the RXT does not turn as sharp and quick as the RXP....but it does turn much sharper to the left than to the right. Is this normal or is there possibly an alignment / adjustment issue?

2) Can modification or adjustments be made to improve the turning radius and responsiveness?

3) When cruising around 4000-4500 rpm's, the boat begins to zig zag or fishtail some. I haven't cruised at top end since I am still in break-in period. Very noticable if standing, which I attributed to perhaps uneven weight distribution, and less so if sitting but is still present. This doesn't seem normal or what I would expect....any ideas or suggestions?

I must add since I live overseas, I am not confident inthe diagnostic abilities of the techies at the shop here to figure out if there is a problem. Thanks for any advice (and please don't tell me to buy a Yamaha or kawasaki :))
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