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hey people.

i have a 02 mdl polaris virage txi 1200cc, got mit off a mate real cheap. nice ski only done 40 hrs.

now, ive never evn ridden a ski letalone owned one and i knew i was kind of jumping in the deep end here..

now when i went to pickup the ski, my mate rode it in the fresh water dam quickly just to show me how it went.

earlier on i was reading about flushing the ski, else you will seize it.. but then i was also reading that the point of flushing is to get the salt water out ??

anyway, im now not sure if the ski is seized or not. it did turn over say 3 months ago, now it has been sitting their, it wont start.

im not sure if its a flat battery or not, none of the buttons are working on the display, when i click the 'display' button, the speed-o just jumps from 0 to its top speed, and continues to do that till i press the bilge button.

should i be able to spin the prepellor at the back of the ski ? because i cant seem to move it.

Also when i press the bilge button, i swear it doesnt sound as loud as it was a few months ago ? maybe flat battery ??

cheers folks.
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