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Man I'm perplexed.

I want one of these Yamaha 232's so bad I can taste it.

2009 Yamaha 232 Limited S Home, information, info

One of these Yami boats, say a 2005 model, can be had for say 15-20K in excellent condition.

Problem is once I have the boat the Honda F-12X would never ever be used. I might still use the 650sx once in a while since a stand up is so much different than anything else out there but for the Honda I can't imagine why I would take it out versus a big boat with sterio/ MP3, a bar, sink, faucet, head, food storage, my friends etc. etc. But I'm torn since my 04 is in mint showroom condition, always waxed etc. etc. as is it's trailer and it's trailer mate...the Kaw 650sx.

I'd need to sell the skis to make room for the boat.
So I have about $14K in both skis and I KNOW I'd be lucky to get $6K if I sold them. Seems a slap in the face considering how much I spent and how nice I have maintained them.

Not sure what to do.
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