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Ok everyone, I'm not 100% convinced but it looks like i might be selling my 97 & 98 GP's. They are in gr8 conditions, used always in the Florida Keys during the summer then used in Blue Lagoon (fresh water in Miami, FL) the rest of the year, well, not really, they actually sit all winter. I use them in the Keys, then use them 4,5 times at the lake, that's it. I don't use them at all from October - March. The 97 760 has a STAGE II Riva kit (61 mph). It has about 40 hours on the Riva Racing engine. The 98 800 is completely stock. Brand new engine (not rebuilt). Has only 15 hours on it & she runs perfect. With the new engine came a new stator & starter. It has the original carbs, rebuilt 2 weeks ago. For more information or more pics, you can e-mail me at [email protected].
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