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Hey all, im new here, so "hi" to everyone.

Im in the market for a new jetski, and i basically want something Dirt Cheap in price....and EXPECTING to put some work into it,etc.....basically a fixer-upper.

I ran into this today......its a 1991 kawasaki TS, not sure on the motor size.
Its got a rebuild with 100 hours on it, and numerous parts replaced.
The hull is in alittle rough shape, but easily fixable.
Hes ASKING $600 for it...sure i can get him down to 400 or 500.

I need something to be able to handle Cape May in new Jersey, since i just moved here, and need a second ski to ride with my bro.

Will this little jetski work? lol

I want to do an engine rebuild and make it faster.

Ive seen some pretty fast 2 strokes....
Can someone throw me some links to some kawasaki 2 stroke retailers?

I cant find any parts for these jetskis....


BTW: I realize its the gayest looking thing, but as long as i can beef up the motor, im

Heres some pics.



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