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i got a 97 14 foot sportcraft with a 97 gtx the gtx does around 57-60 mph. in the shuttle craft top speed is 31-33mph cruses easly at 25-28mph 2 people can fish out of it if still fishing i would look for the 18 foot sportdeck because you can mount a trolling motor on the front they are a little bit faster than the 14 footers about 35-37 mph with the same gtx [i met a guy with one and we swaped shuttlecrafts for 30 min more stable i'm accually selling my shuttlecraft and gtx and buying a 4 stroke 3 seater and will look for a 18 ft sportdeck[ i have seen a few go for around 4500-6000] also the 14 footers have model specific rails and the 18 footer is universal
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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