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I just bought a used 2006 VX110 with 39 hours. I test drove the ski before I paid for it and it ran almost identical to my new 2008 model. The only thing I noticed different was at idle it was rough with more vibration and exhaust noise. Next time at the lake it still idled rough and would not go past 5000 RPM for about the first 5 min. The speed eventually picked up, but still would not go to full wide open throttle. It acted like it was stuck in low RPM mode, but the light was not on. Also, the warning light never came on. I took the ski home and read on this site where too much oil is a big problem. There was oil in the airbox and the oil was all the way up to the full mark on the dipstick. I removed about half a quart of oil and measured it again, oil level was right in the middle between the full and low mark. I took the airbox out and cleaned it and inspected the air filter element. It was oil soaked but still seemed like it was getting good air flow through it. Put everything back together and went to the lake. Idle was really rough and engine smoked at start up and quit 3 times in idle. At full throttle it would not go past 5000 RPM. Took back to the ramp. There was a little oil in the bilge and oil level was reading about an inch past full on the dipstick. I'm thinking I really got a hold of a lemon, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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