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I am the proud owner of a completely stock 1990 squarenose that I picked up for free! Last registered in '97... This thing is a gem...

I'm in the process of rebuilding the carb (been there, done that) and am in need of confirmation of the incoming cooling line so I may hook up a hose and test out my rebuild... my guess is the hose coming through the firewall to the right of the bilge pickup that leads into the exhaust manifold is her... all I need to do is attach the proper fitting to that and then follow correct procedure as if flushing her out, right?

Thanks for your help (the service manual didn't say much on the cooling).'

Oh and by the way, my '78 440 ran all the cooling through the exhaust. Does this system work the same way? At the rear of the ski left of the hozzle is a rubber hose with a 90 degree bend in it. Is this for the cooling system?

Sorry so long but I'm proud to be riding a Yamaha!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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