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I'm looking for a hoist to move a large 3 seater off the trailer and onto a cart in my garage. I'd like to be able to put a car in there with the ski, and it is impossible with the trailer, but I'd have plenty of space with the ski alone on a cart. I have a place to store the trailer under my deck. I've already tried sliding the ski off, and I can't do it alone.

I've got a 4" x 10" beam that crosses the middle of my garage and which rests on concrete block walls. I figure that one option would be to mount a chain hoist to that beam and use a PWC sling with the hoist. The other option would be to use a rolling engine hoist with the sling.

I'm wondering whether anyone has tried either of these. I notice that Northern Tool has a 2 ton engine hoist that reaches to 93" Torin Big Red 2-Ton Foldable Engine Hoist w/Free Load Leveler | Engine Hoists | Northern Tool + Equipment, but I wonder if there is enough distance between the arm of the hoist to keep the ski from hitting it when it is lifted off with the arm fully extended? The ceiling mounted hoist would give me more space, since I'd have to find a place to store the rolling engine hoist, but no mobility.

Anyone have experience with this sort of thing or another suggestion?

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