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Skidaddle surfboard info?

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I've got two Skidaddle powered surfboards in my garage that are minus engines. I've had them for a few years now and I've been searching for any information I can find on them but so far I've turned up nothing much at all. I believe they were made in England in the early seventies and (through a post in this forum) that they had 150cc Husquvarna engines but thats the total so far. I would be very grateful for any info on these craft. I'd love to get one up and running 'cos they look like SO much fun...!
Thanks, Carl :)
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Hi Carl, i have a Skidaddle almost up and running...had in the water last week but had a leak on the hull and had to take it back home...must admit it sounded good and felt like it had a fair bit of power..i also have a few spares if you need anything.
Its good to hear from another skidaddle owner, not many of us around..!!

Hi Dave, thanks for replying to my post. I came into posession of the two in my garage a few years ago when a friend of mine told me about something he'd seen floating in a local stream (I live near to Halifax UK). We went up in the car and I'm not kidding there were probably over 20 or 30 of these things bobbing about on the water. We were literally walking across them from one to the other scratching our heads trying to figure out just what they were. Some kids had thrown them out of an abandoned wagon trailer back upstream apparently. None had engines but we managed to find 2 that still had cowlings props and shafts on them. I dunno how many there had been before we got there but we walked the length of the stream finding quite a few before it eventually met the river...
So, I'm left with these 2 Skidaddles minus engines with no clue what to do with them or their history. Are the engines supposed to be Husquvarnas? Are they marinised or are just normal bike units put in there? I've got more questions than answers... Any pictures you could post would be fantastic and very helpful!

Thanks, Carl
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Hi Dave and Carl. I have just bought a Skidaddle this weekend. I bought it on ebay for £300 but need to drive 6 hours across the country to collect and 6 hours back so I could probably round the price off to £450 after travel and accommodation. I may have overpaid out of excitement. I was the highest bid at £50 but and the only one watching or bidding but offered a cash price to have the item removed. It apparently runs well but needs an accelerator cable and the fibreglass engine cover. Im sure there will be other little bits missing to. I'm on my way to Spain for a sailing trip so I will only collect it in a few weeks on my return. I would be interested in spares that you have for sale and would appreciate any advice you are able to give. My brother is looking to purchase one for himself if yourselves or anyone els wish to sell one. Im also very interested in the history of the Skidaddle. A hobby of mine is finding out the history and collecting and rebuilding all things Jet Board and motorised surfboard related.
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