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A lot of tymes you can carefully remove and clean a set of carbs that has been left idle for a year or more..

There is nothing to delicate or specialized that you risk breaking..

Just use a quality carb cleaner after taking off the fuel bowl(be carefull to NOT soak that diaphram..pull out and set aside)..

Normally fuel sit in there until all the stuff that burns(volatile content) has evaporated..leaving a brown or green goo that drips out easily with a little carb cleaner..

Sometymes when only 8-10 months have gone by you can use a product like "seafoam" in the tank and it will clean the carbs..sometymes..

If your full tank is half full or can add seafoam to the gas thats in it off with fresh gas..and just deal with the fact is will run doggy for that tank full..

Hope this helps,
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