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I just purchased a 1996 SL700 that has the dual carbs (Keihin CDKII). The jet ski would not start without pouring gas int the carbs. So because the fuel pump is part of the carbs on this model I did a complete carb rebuild. Also changed all fuel lines/ impulse line.

It will start if I open the throttle and keep running if I hold the throttle past 1/4 open, but it will just die if I try to let it idle...

Also I noticed that gas is comming out of the little nipple at the top of the carb throat (didnt know thats where it shoots the fuel into the carbs, I thought this was where the oil was injected??), when I hit the throttle, gas comes out of these nipple, when I let off the throttle, no gas comes out of the nipple...

I set the low screw to 1/2 turns out and the high screw to 1 1/2 turns out,,

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