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Slaying The Stripers At The Third and a Big Ugly Nasty

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It is not a Jet Ski report but I thought I would share.
Departed Salt Ponds in Hampton Virginia on my neighbors 28 True World Marine at 0630 hrs to NE winds of 10-15 with 2-3 footers. Fishing together today was Barlclay, Craig, Phillip and myself. We went straight to the Third Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and pretty much stayed there all morning. The ticket today was drifting live spot along the ocean side of the third island. No weight, just casting the spot at the rocks and letting the bait free spool as we drifted. It was not hot and heavy but it was steady catching fish up to 32 inches. We kept 8 Stripers between 24 and 28 inches and threw back a lot of slot fish (in Vrginia you can not keep stripers between 28 and 34 inches). We were back from our 30 mile round trip by 1130 hrs. Most of the fish were fat but upon cleaning them thier stomachs were empty.
The Big Nasty was this one extremely Fat 25 inch Striper that upon cleaning had this big liquid filled growth in his belly that was oozing a clear liquid. It was massive in comparison to the fish. Any body ever see one like it, this big?
Overall another fun filled morning with some great fishing buddies, cant wait to see the big Striped Bass get here in the next couple of weeks, I will be ready!
Here are some pictures from today.

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cool man!!!!!
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