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SLT 750 Plug Wires

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I was out on the lake the end of last year, I lost major power and after looking into it further i found out that i wasn't getting spark on the leading cylinder. I thought right away that this was probably a coil problem, but after looking closer i found that the plug wire had broken up at the boot, since i didnt want to call it quits that day i just cut the boot, bent open the lead, stripped some wire off the plug wire, bent the lead back over the wire, and used electrical tape to put the boot back on, this fixed the problem and i was able to finish out the season. Well i pulled the boat out of the back yard to get it ready for this year, and remembered that i still have yet to fix that problem right. I figured i could just call and get a new set of wires down at the Polaris dealer, after talking to the parts department they told me that i would need to buy new coils and wires together, he said that they are perminatly attached to the coils and they don't come off. I found this very hard to believe. Do you guys know anything about the wires on a 95 slt 750? I am going to go out after work and take a look at the wires and coils myself to see. He said the coils and wires for all three would cost me around 180 total.
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