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ive been searching the net and this forum - but didnt find anything that really gave me a clue about what is wrong with my machine - but here is "our" little story ..

i got hold of this pwc some time ago - only ran 25 hours - but i was told it needed a clean of the carburetor - wich i had done - did a test ride and it worked pretty good - for a while - it started not having as much power and smoked more and more on my way to the shore - so i had it cleaned out again - unfortionatly my coling tube had fallen off so the water just flooded the housing and it ran hot - i fitted the tube on and now it starts fine - it runs slowly no problem - at around 3200-3500 rpm's it gives the hot alert again - and if i give it a bitmore it dies instantly .. but starts up without hesitating..
hope that you have some good ideas and maybe even a solution for me..
thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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