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Some GPS runs very disapointed

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OK 2000 pro 1200 stock motor 6* wedge, stainless 6 vein, hot seat trim tabs, i think watcon ride plate, 22.375 shaft 59.8 MPH at 7050-7150 RPM

2000 virage triples and much more im to lazy to type last year 71.8 best i could get today witch was misting all day was 69.5

What do you guys think what should the pro be turning for RPM and whats the stock MPH suppose to be I just finished the build so Im not sure of these numbers good or bad. I thought it should be mid 60's by the looks of the RPM's more prop needed maybe. And the virage well im just sad :(
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Your rpms seem way to high and even more way too high considering the speed...

A basically stock PRO with the 1200 ought to be somewhere in the low 60's with rpm's in the 6700ish range on the stock prop...

I would suspect a pump area issue somewhere...Perhaps you're sucking air allowing it to spin way up in the r's but not get the speed?
Maybe the trim tabs and rideplate are slowing it down some? It is probably great for rougher water though.
That very well could be but those r's are also way too high for a basically stock 1200 PRO...unless it's a way too shallow prop...but if it's the stock prop it should not be turning those r's...

Those r's on the stock prop in that ski should be 64-65ish I'm thinking...maybe a little higher...
Randy's plate won't slow you down.

Did you really mean trim tabs or HotSeat sponsons?

What's in there for a prop?

RPM's are way too high for a "stock" motor.

You're running the extended pump on that.
OK it has hot seat sponsons and fixed tabs but not for much longer randy just built me the cable setup for the tabs I cant wait. And if all goes well money wise I have got my self a set of speciel triples for the baby. Prob have to do a 1350 big bore with msx cylinders for her we should be seeing 70's with that setup
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