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Some questions about my new 98 seadoo GS

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I bought a 1998 seadoo GS today from a friend of mine's parents.

Here's a pic

The ski has been sitting for the last couple years. They say that it doesn't start ~50% of the time, and that it will die occasionally when it's running. Are there any common problems with this model ski? I haven't tried to start it yet, the battery is dead and I am going to replace that tomorrow. The ignition system looks ok, there isn't any corrosion on anything I can see. The only thing I did notice is that one of the spark plugs is cracked just below where the plug wire connects to it. Could this be the source of the problem?

Here's a pic of the plugs, the quality is crappy it was taken with my phone, but you can see where the crack is.

Also, the plugs that were in it were NGK BR7ES's the manual says to run NGK BR8ES's. Does it matter which type I buy? Do you guys recommend something else? What should the plug gap be?
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I changed the plugs and put in a new battery. The ski doesnt want to start, its like the battery is dead. It didnt work when I hooked it up to my car battery either. Is there a switch or a solenoid that commonly fails that I need to look at?
do u hear a clicking sound?
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