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Some small issues

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These are my issues:
- the trim don't work. what do I fix?
- The ski smokes little more that I think it should.
- how do you tell the year of my ski - Kawa Xi Super Sport. Purple and white hull.
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are the cables moving
what oil r u running
the year are the last 2 digits
I am going to replace the switch on the handlebars first. Then see what happens. The trim is dead. No sound, movement, etc.

I burn Formula 1 outboard motor oil.


Premium 2-stroke outboard oil
Maximum protection
Meets TC-W3 specifications
New low-smoke formulation
For pre-mix and injection engines
I use to have same problem with the trim and it turned out to be a bad switch. For the smoke it could be the oil you use. I tend to use Maxim oil and get very little smoke. If you run mix it your self you could be mixing to much oil in with the gas.
Yeah, different oils smoke in different amounts. That and if you're mixing things then you could be a little rich, but thats ALWAYS better than too lean...

The trim on those older skis has always been known as finicky! You can try replacing the switches, but IIRC the problem usually lies deeper into the electronic controls box.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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