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Specialty Modifications & Little Tricks

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We're going to sticky a thread about some "specialty mods" and "little tricks" so-to-speak that we've all learned over the years.
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Aftermarket reed options

One of the first things that *most* Polaris owners like to do is V-Force reeds. For a while now, Al & myself have opted to take another route. On the domestics, we've been using the snowmobile reeds found in the Polaris Fusion model. They are W style reeds like the V-Force, but can be had at a much lower price. Some modification is necessary to the manifolds. I've only done this on the aftermarket manifolds, but see no reason why it couldn't be done to the stock manifold. A horizontal groove needs to be cut for the reeds to sit flush with the manifold. If for some reason there wasn't enough material on the stocker, I'm sure it could be built up with JB Weld or Devcon or something similar. It's a simple task for the money savings in my mind. I also like the fact that the Fusion reeds come with a vulcanized rubber lip (so-to-speak) for sealing purposes. I'm sure Al can jump in here and add a few things.
fusion reeds

yes they work great. what responds even better is when those fiberglass reeds get a little tired they can be replaced with carbon fiber ones. they work awesome. yes you can safely mode the stocker to fit these reeds or you can trim the reeds themself. i will post pics for all.
:thumbsup: I just confirmed with Jay that the price for the Fusion reed setup with stuffers for the triples is going to be $227.00!!! :thumbsup: :D

How's that sound guys? What a great deal for some trick reeds!!! MUCH cheaper than the other brand. (not that there is anything at all wrong with the others, but if you're looking to save roughly $123.00, now you have a great option!!!)

Thanks Jay!!!
More Air

We all know how important it is to get air to our monsters. This purpose is two-fold. It obliviously has to happen for our beasts to run, but it also helps with heat fade. There are a few approaches to this, but as of late, we have been seeing a lot of one paticular crossover from the sled world. They're called Flow Rites and they're made by a company called SLP (Starting Line Products) They work excellent at letting air in and keeping water out. Water can pass if it hits them dead on with a lot of force, but they really do work well. I've installed them on the Matrix, the GPR and a few more places. They're available in 2", 2 1/2" and 4". It's really up to the individual's riding conditions as to where and even if you feel comfortable installing these, but I just wanted to share it.
Along the air intake topic, here is a mod for extra air intake that is protected from water intrusion. This works for any 2 seater hull before the 98 model year. It works on 98 and newer Pro 785 hulls too. These are stock Sea-Doo parts that are used and available from Doo dealers.


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Here's an aluminum dash piece I made for the MFD, GPS holder, Primer and switch to be able to bypass limp mode when low on fuel.


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SL, I'm doing something similar with the SL750 project boat. Matrix is fabricating the plate and I'll post pictures after I'm done cutting it up. :D

Now I also just installed a flow right in my MATRIX to replace the oil filler as I don't want somebody trying to put oil where there is no longer a tank. By the way a fits the hole just nicely as well.

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Awesome responses guys.

Another little trick for the guys with the dash plate style boats is to just jack the plate up by using some washers under the plate on the 4 screws that hold it down!!! (it's the quick & easy method!!!)
Dual Inline Bilge Blowers

Items needed:

Two 4" blowers (I used the Rule brand, 4")
One 4" silicone coupler
Two SS hose clamps
One waterproof switch (Randy has AWESOME ones!!)
One 10 amp inline fuse

PolarisSS1200 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting gAnch=imgAnch44

It helps with heat fade and of course it can be used in the traditional manner of evacuating the engine compartment before starting.

Maybe Sirhc will give us his thoughts as he really seems to like the setup as well. He did an awesome, tricky install on his ride!!!
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Where can these be purchased, and are thye difficult to install????
look at wet marine or boatfix
You can also just install flow rites, plenty of air in and air out depending on where you mount them within the hull. Lets air in, keeps water out. Obviously you need to keep the direct harsh water out so try to keep them in an area with the least amount of water contact.

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hi i have a 98' polaris slh and i was wanting to know if there were any easy to install upgrades that could boost my speed and hp
boys hope u can help me out
i own a 2004 msx 140 and im wondering what upgrades i can install .. and where can i get them from
i live in australia if you could help out thanks alot !!!!!
gliggo said:
boys hope u can help me out
i own a 2004 msx 140 and im wondering what upgrades i can install .. and where can i get them from
i live in australia if you could help out thanks alot !!!!!

find out what u want for USA and i will ship it to you
we ship boats to AU
Mission RV & Marine | New & Used | Boats | RVs | Paso Robles, CA
guys i own a polaris msx 140 2004 model , im not to good with engines just wondering what parts i could put to make the ski kick even more ??
please help!!!
Due to the injection system and no available controllers your options are very limited.
You can strip away the injection system, go carbs ad you have a lot more options but it's a costly endeavor.
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