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well i attempted to ride my superjet to the closest island yesterday its about 10 km off the coast . the sea looked ok just a bit of chop but once out there 4-5 foot rollers and chop it was bloody hard . there where 2 of us on stand ups 3 x 2/3 seaters and a boat . i was lucky that one of the guys is very good on a stand up and before we left he said if i get stuck we can swap and ill ride the 2 seater , i had to take him up on the offer after i came off and my ski ended up 50 feet away i was stuffed .
at least he fell off loads as well so that made me feel a bit better , but i think i could have made it back going with the waves is so much easier than against them .
so next weekend ill try again but i think ill swap with my mate and ride his new Kawasaki its so much easier to ride than the super jet in those conditions .

there is one guy here that rode his super jet to one of the islands about 45 km off the coast he had to refuel 3 times they carried spare gas on the 2/3 seaters for him but he is very very good does every tick you can think of the ski looks like its a part of him BASTARD :laugh:
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