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The push button seems bad. Maybe clean the contacts on it when it’s apart. But also check the starter selenoid. Should have two positive cable leads to it. U need to check to see if one side has 12v on the selenoid. The other side should have 0. But when the start button is pressed it should jump to 12v when the start button is pressed. that would cause the starter to keep cranking. Also u might have water Humidity in the CDI. Try pulling out the CDI and put it in a baking pan and put your oven to 300 degrees. Wait till preheat is done. Put the CDI in for 8-10 min. That will remove all moisture from CDI. This actually works for a lot of people with no start issues/ bad firing/ stalling. It will be very hot when u take it out so let it cool down for awhile
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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