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With my recent issues with my 2001 Virage 700 im wondering about my start/stop button. I am not getting any fire from my spark plugs. I have checked the ignition coil and it was fine. I checked my CDI and its producing about 5-6 volts from the brown wire that runs to the Stator. Here is the scenario I am working with

Took the jet ski out last weekend. Ran great for a few hours. While being out in the water the jet ski took in water. Water got in the hull to the battery line. I tried to fire it up after it stalled out and nothing would happen. I pushed the start/stop button and it wouldnt crank over, wouldnt click or anything. It was like it was completely dead however the gauges were still working. I brought it back to the shore and jumped the solenoid and it would crank over but still would not crank over when pushing the start/stop button. I took the jet ski home and let it sit for an hour. When I went back out to try to start the jet ski it would crank over now when pushing the start/stop button. So this is when I figured out I had no spark. So for the past few days I have been trying to diagnose the problem. Yesterday when I was messing with the jet ski I tried cranking it over and when I did it was like the start button hung up on it. The jet ski would continually crank over and the only way to stop it was to disconnect the battery. Everytime I would try to hook the battery up it would continue to crank over. I got to looking and pulled the start/stop button assembly apart. After doing so I was able to hook the battery back up and it seemed to fix the problem.

I have gone over the steps for the LR-505 module to check to see if it is good. Is it possible that my no spark issue is coming from this faulty start/stop button? Im just wondering if it may be going bad or something. I am just throwing out scenarios before I drop all the dough into a CDI or Stator. Possible MFD/MFI issue? This problem is driving me nuts.:dunno:
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