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Starting issue

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I am trying to get my Yamaha WaveVenture started for the first time this season and it will not kick over no noise at all nothing I replaced the battery, plugs and still nothing. Any suggestions are welcomed.
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Does it make a tiny click (will have to remove seats to hear this). If it is clicking, it will be a solenoid. You can check by shorting it with a screwdriver. It is in the electrical box on the front of the engine. The black round thing with the battery cables coming from it. I can't remember but do the old venturers have a coded dash display? If so, and you don't know the code, let me know and ill tell you how to sort it out. Also, there will be 2 plugs coming from the handle bars. One with red and brown wires and the other with black and white wires, swap them and try again. Obviously you have checked your battery is charged and load tested.
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