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hi im new to the forum. me and my buddy have 3 stand ups(JS440 and 2 JS550's), old yamaha waverunner, X2 and a polaris 750.

our problem is with his '87 550, its having a hard time starting every once in a while. but when it starts it runs just fine.. we blew a bearing out 2 weeks ago and put a new one in. but its also having a hard time charging. battery is new. charging coil is new. and every once in a while we lose spark and it just wont fire.

could this be a timing problem? thats the only thing we havent touched on the motor

ill list the mods to the ski to let you know what we are dealing with,
bored 1mm over.
stainless impeller.
ocean pro ride plate and intake grate,
shaved head.
intake spacers.
Super BN Mikuni Carb with a spacer.

thats all i can remember.i think thats it.

when she runs, she runs amazing..a lot of power. just doesnt like be shut off and started back up. its almost like it keeps fowling out the plugs..

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