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starting problems

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my ultra 150 is making a clickin noise in the starter relay behind the battery. i was hoping it was just a bad relay becuase thats an easy fix but i tried to bypass it with a medal screw driver and the engine would still not turn over does this mean i have a bad stater and if so would i be able to change it with out to much trouble.
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i am having the same prob on my polaris sltx. the relay clicks and when i bypassed it the motor still wouldnt turn over. a guy that works on them told me it was probably the starter. The only thing is i dont know how to get it out. if anybody knows please let me know. it is a polaris sltx 1050 i think 1997 or 98.
Hi there,

I am by no means any expert on Kwaka's but on cars which have the same type of symptom in the past it has been that the solenoid needs replacing... Sometimes giving the solenoind a tap with the handle of a screwdriver would fix it...

Perhaps this is the issue here?

Or - the battery is bad... that can also do something similar... Have you tried a new battery?

If you are buying a new battery, I would suggest you go the the AGM type of batteries...

I have info on my own site about the reasons why..
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