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stock92 kawi 550sx. help i wanna go faster!!!

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wat up. I just bought a 1992 550sx! I love it. I rode my friends 87 550 one time and it got me hooked!! I bought my ski a week after my first ride. I have taken it out almost every day since I got it. My 550 is stock and very clean only a few little scratches. The bottom is very clean no scratches!!!! Im ready to go faster and higher!!! Wat should I do first to get the most power out of it???? I no I want to get a pipe but what kind should I get?? I need help I don’t know where to start!!!!!!
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there are a lot of mods you could do. A ride plate is one of the best. Gets you to a plane faster and helps to keep the front end down (more water into the pump). Mine has fins on it and hooks up great in the tight corners. A scoop grate if you ride in really rough water (depending on how deep the scoop is it can cause drag at top speed and slow you down). A variable pitch impeller will help you to get out of the hole quicker and depending on what you select can increase top speed. The real key to these machines is moving the water through the pump. The engine mods will get you to top rpm quicker and increase the total power of the motor. Dont EVER mess with the rev limiter. A friend thought he was really smart until he jumped a big roller. Pump came out of the water with the throttle on and BLAMO! It was rebuild time.
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