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Stop to the BRP monopoly!!

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Hi friends, I have now the new ScanSea Multibrand and is perfect. I can now read and erase faults in my RXP (also work fine with GTX 2008), reset maintenance, reset Total Hours, program keys and much more.

I think it is the beguin of the end for the BRP monopoly.

Why I must pay too much money for program or erase a key in BRP dealer??

If I can make the service to my car in the workshop I like, why I cant do the same with my PWC??

Now I can, look at


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Why some people always think in a wrong line??

There are bad people in everywhere but, if you install a new ECU with zero hours in a old PWC with many hours you must change the Total Hours and increase its.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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