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Hey Guys and Girls. I have an '05 FX HO that I bought in '06 second hand. The waverunner always runs great and I love it. The one problem I have is that it will take on about 1" of water everytime I take it out. I have examined the hull carefully and there are no cracks, just a few scratches. When I run it off the hose, no water collects in the hull.

I'm thinking it's probably an external seal failure. All the seams in the hull appear to be glued together. Some of it is a yellowish brown goup and some of it is white, almost like tub and tile caulk. Does anyone else have this sort of sealant in their waverunner? I'm thinking the previous owner may have changed the impeller or something and not sealed it back up properly.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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