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STX 1100 - #1 Cylinder Not Firing

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Hi: I'm new here and to the pwc deal. What an exciting venture. I do have mechanical ability w/automobile engines. I have a 2000 STX 1100 DI. It shut off the other day on the water and when it restarted it ran rough and at half speed. The #1 spark plug tip was bent almost to the firing tip of the plug. I changed to new plugs, still the same issue and then I checked the #1 plug and its not getting fire to the plug, the new plug showed no signs of cylinder firing and the tip was not bent. Should I and how do I check to see if the fuel injector is working properly or is it a lower end problem in the engine? The engine has approx. 145 hours on it. Thanks for a response.

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check the plug wire itself
as by using an ohm meter
u could have a break in the wire itself
First you say that the plug isn't firing, then you say you want to check the injector since you think that may be the problem... What does the injector have to do with the problem??

When you say the #1 cylinder isn't firing, do you mean it doesn't have any spark or it just won't fire/combust?

If the problem is spark then It's either the plug or the plugwire. I would be concerned that the old plug had a bent electrode when you removed it. That would mean that the piston or another piece of the engine made contact with the plug electrode.

Check your plug and plug wires. then if those check out perform a compression test on the engine and let us know what numbers you get. If the plug wires are good then I would expect you have low to no compression in the #1 tube.
Good idea, I will check the compression. There is no combustion taking place in the #1 chamber. There is fire to the plug, I removed the plug and with the plug wire connected, started the engine and could see the spark. I thought maybe the fuel was not getting to the chamber so thats why I mentioned the injector. Thanks for responding
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