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I have a 04 STX-12F with a meter that progressively got worse over time.
It finally blew up all over my 8 yo son a few weeks ago - the rust water looked like blood from 20+ feet away - needless to say I panicked. I was hoping someone here could explain the wiring - it stopped running a few days after the meter blew up. I do not have the ~$700 for a new one at the moment and was hoping I could get some aftermarket gauges to integrate to the wiring if anyone has any suggestions or methods I would very much appreciate the info.

Here are a few photos of the meter and wiring. - Nasty -

Meter - Pic1
Meter - Pic2
Meter - Pic3

I no longer hear the little ticks from the back of the ski after attempting to start. And it will not start - Do I need a new meter to get it to run? I have tried starting it with the meter plugged in and disconnected to no avail. Again any info would be very much appreciated.

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