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Going to purchase my first ski. With the price drop it appears to be a good value. Any insights as to should I or should I not buy this ski? Anyone who has one have any negatives they would like to share?

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I own a 07 STX-15F, I have 21 hours on it so far with no problems. There are a lot of aftermarket upgrades for them.
Newbie Help

ok - made the downpayment on the STX-15

dealer able to order one for me to bring home as a Christmas present (not preped or anything), and then store it for me afterwards - really nice about the whole process

so i now need to start gathering all the newbie info <vbg>

anyone who wants to leave me some tips over the next couple months i would appreciate it!

how to break it in - cleaning it up after usage - number one addition after purchase - how to lock it up on the dock - etc.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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