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superjet 93 wiring question wont fire on the button:dunno:

i dont have any manual and im snowed in at home and just thought rather than go stir crazy i would have a go at getting my superjet started on the button. i rebuilt the top end and have put it all back together now. the problem is that it doesnt turn over from the button. its fine when you short the solenoid. i hear you say solenoid but when i put current across the two middle wires it latches properly. there just doesnt seem to be anything opowering it up. i am trying ti follow the wiring back and there just seems to be 4 wires. black and a white wire and a think brown and black wire to the solenoid. is there any other way of checking the switch? am i missing something from before i took the engine out. maybe there is another wire thats gone under the tank when putting the engine back in? i dont know but any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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