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Okay, so I just bought my first jet skis. They guy I bought them from gave me 1/2 gallon of XP-S SeaDoo synthetic oil. I went to "top off" my tank and I noticed that I was adding the XP-S (dark brown color) to what appeares to be a blue oil.

Is that okay? I called previous owner and he said they didn't sell the blue stuff near him so he bought the XP-S instead.

I've heard it's not a good idea to switch oils around, so now that I've added about a 1/5 gallon to my tank, can I still ride my ski?

HELP!!!! I'd really hate to blow this thing up before I even get to ride it much.

I called my Sea Doo dealer and they said once you switch to synthetic oil you have to stay with it (which isn't a problem) I just am wondering whether it's safe to continue adding the XPS (brown stuff) to the blue stuff that's already in the tank.

If I need to drain the oil and replace, is there anything I should know about (procedure wise) before doing that? How do you drain these things?

Any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated.

P.S: The other ski I bought with this one if a Polaris 650SL... can I use the Sea Doo brand oil in this one too?
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