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I am new to the forum but not new to some of you so I thought I would post this here also.

Labor Day Weekend
Suwannee River Ride
Sept 1 -4 2006
We are going to be going to the Yellow Jacket Campground Welcome to Yellow Jacket Campground! Labor day weekend. The plan is as follows;

Plan is to arrive on Friday and have a get together around the campfire.

Saturday we will leave at 10 and ride the river around 70 miles round trip. We will stop at Manatee springs, Fanning springs, Hart springs and Rock Bluff Springs (Hillbilly hangout). After the ride we will have a relaxing swim in the pool and hangout in the Jacuzzi if you want to. After dinner we will plan a large campfire up by the pool area where we can get together and check out the photos and make some s'mores. It should be a busy weekend at the campground and the river so we will have to set a good example for all and be courteous. Everyone please buy some club attire so we can show our colors.

Sunday will be a free day to do whatever you want to. I can point you in the direction of another ramp if you need to and you can do the northern part of the river. This will be a day I will do what my family wants to do, if you want to hang around with us I don't mind but I won't be leading any rides.

Monday I might ride but that is check out day so we might just pack it up and start for home. We sometimes stop at the spring by car after packing up all the gear for a nice cool swim and lunch. Once again you are welcome at our table.

At the campground the tent sites usually are allowed to have their skis at the site but the rv sites have to park them somewhere else. There are picnic tables and lights at each campsite with electric. The area is very grassy so there isn't a lot of dirt. The bathrooms are very nice and the tent area even though the map shows us way away from the bathroom we actually aren't that far. The campgrounds have ice and firewood available with the honor system. If you need it in the middle of the night you just drop the cash through the mail slot. Any other questions I can answer let me know.

One of the closest hotels would be the Best Western in Chiefland, around 15 miles away.

Best Western Suwannee Valley Inn
1125 N Young Boulevard
Chiefland , Florida
32626-1708,United States
Phone: 352-493-0663
Fax : 352-493-0663
Best Western International Hotels - HOME
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