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The Newest Brand Name of Personal Watercraft for 2008!

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Hello, I would like to introduce ourselves.
As you know, Polaris decided to no longer produce their line of watercraft. That’s where we come into the picture.

We’re picking up where they left off, & are presenting to you the opportunity to carry
our first model that we are bringing onto the market; the WaveRider X700 GT.
WaveRider is our Brand Name that we will aggressively seek to fill the void for a new
name in the Personal Watercraft industry!

The 2008 WaveRider X700 GT features a 95 horsepower 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine
that is reliable and proven.This pwc has excellent power at all speeds, with a top speed
of about 50 miles per hour, and with seating for up to 3 persons so you can share the fun!

Available colors:
1) Console & Hood colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Silver, Black, Orange
2) Seat colors & combinations: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Silver/White, & Silver/Grey
3) Body colors (hull) various combinations of: White, Black, Red, Yellow

See it all at: WaveRider Marine - Your source for safe, affordable & dependable PWC's
**** Dealers Wanted****Opportunities Available!****[email protected]
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So, who's powerplant are you using? It sure sounds like the Polaris Liberty engine.
What about the pump system? Polaris big mouth as well??
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