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The Newest Brand of Personal Watercraft for 2008 !!!

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This is our introductory video to the Newest Brand Name of Personal Watercraft to come onto the Boating Scene for Season 2008 !!! The WaveRider X700GT

We hope you enjoy watching it! YouTube - The newest brand name Jet-ski - personal watercraft!!!! :appl:
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Ehh...I guess the price is good for a new ski. Can't argue with that. Other than that, a 700cc engine in a couch seems like it would be kinda sluggish. What kind of engine does it have? Reed motor, rotary engine, 2 or 4 stroke? I didn't think 2 strokes would be allowed to be sold in the states after 2008.
Give us some feedback please.:)
whats the hull made of ... standard smc,, or new nano tech?

how much does it weigh? capacity? top speed?
Hello Jawbreaker, sorry for the delay, I have been away for a while, now i'm back!
This pwc does up to 50 m.p.h. without modifications, & is able to go a little faster.
It has standard reeds (2 stroke) & is CERTIFIED by the E.P.A. to be sold in all 50 states. 2 stroke engines are still allowed, & always will be, if they pass the E.P.A. tests.
Hello REMY, for now; the hull is SMC (sheet moulded compound) & the upper(deck) is FRC (fiberglass reinforced compound) The weight is approx. 600 lbs. & the capacity is recommended at 500 lbs. Speed is around 50 m.p.h. without modifications.
Interesting. Is this a Chinese import? Where will these be sold?
Hello RAG, The X700 GT is produced in Tyngsborough Massachusetts & there are MANY dealerships that have signed on, & many more are inquiring every week! go to the WaveRider Marine website to see more,
also at the YouTube FiberClassic channel.:)

I was looking at the specs on the site. How is it that this model meets 2008 EPA or CARB standards?


I was looking at the specs on the site. How is it that this model meets 2008 EPA or CARB standards?
Hi Rag if you want the specs and the truth you can logon to they are the real manufatures of the waverider brand see for urself
Thanks. I'll check it out.
Busted. The guys riding in the youtube advert look amazingly similar to those at Also no decals on the boats in the video. Me thinks the only thing happening in the FACTORY in Massachusetts is uncrating.
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