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All-star outside over randy moss regression with old club, grandpa generation quarterback Florida law in the double injury and sexual dilemmas, Minnesota vikings truce in this week's media still headlines. But the light is enough, occupy the headlines, they need to win this week, they will travel to New York jet challenge. The jet this season is very strong, now, this week and welcome back the return of Sherlock Holmes, took to further improve strength. Beijing time on October 12, 8:30 a.m., sport and guangdong sports will broadcast the focus of attention, hope the fans Pay attention to it
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Both historical records, recently status
Recently, four times a Viking home without a win.
The jet had the first week after the outbreak of the downturn, strong, and made three victories over all the competitors, currently with the pressure in the al east title patriot. The team now is at its best in every aspect, this is the home team must hope, for victory. The vikings of state is very general, just weeks before a truce over weaker teams alleviates the lion, the pressure. They came to a truce weeks over randy outside the all-star, this should moss can improve the morale of the team downturn.

When jet attack group meets the defensive team
Now, the jet summer work very well. Late career has entered this season have Tomlinson suddenly awakened, so far as he gave three touchdowns and 341, plus the young threatens, jet this season's league second high ground offensive. A powerful ground offensive, mark the passing sanchez, reduce the pressure and began to show his maturity. In recent three games, at least two sanchez passing touchdowns season he has spread 8 touchdowns and eagle vic as the only two have copied cut quarterback in quarterback scoring in the fourth. Now they have the super bowl after suspension, plus Edwards hero Sherlock Holmes and Everett keller, sanchez's squad is strong. The ball

The vikings defending league top league opponents, limit the total number of code, and restrict the league, air defense, the fourth eighth Viking now run the 9th, defense and the downturn is frankly defense. Defensive line two Williams and Allen will continuously impact jet the offensive line, we have been doing quite well before the jet offensive line will have serious test. football jerseys china
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