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Hey guys, as the title says I’m thinking of jumping into a SVHO 2022 supercharged ski, from a 2020 Kawi STX 160LX (also have an Ultra LX). I’m looking for input from people who have owned an SVHO or other supercharged Yamaha’s. The reasons I’m looking to make this jump are primarily the hull design, Yamaha engine reliability; and extra features (speakers, seat comfort, gps, etc).

I ride on the bay which usually has some slight chop going on. This has made rising the Kawi uncomfortable mid days unless I’m standing (which is fine solo) but intolerable with passengers over extended rides. My hope is that the Yamaha rides better over chop (like the Ultra) while also delivering the same (or more) features I’ve enjoyed with the current ski. With 3 years remaining on my Kawi warranty I’m considering selling it and making this move over the winter.

Having never owned a supercharged ski, I’d like to know what hiccups to expect down the road. My current ski is NA and top speed is 67mph. I have had 4 warranty issues, but nothing was engine related (radio, hood latch, fuel sock, spark plug wire). Do these super charged engines crap out often? What’s the avg life of the supercharger? Can the engine run when the supercharger is down? What’s the top end speed of a supercharged SVHO?
What else should I know about Yamaha’s that I haven’t dealt with on my Kawi’s? Thanks.

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I have a 2008 FX-SHO, had it for quite a while now, use it to tow a large tube as well as Skiers, Wakeboards and Hydra Slides.
I haven't had an issue with the SC or Engine as yet as I don't rev the crap out of it out of water.
The SC has a clutch an revving the Ski with no load supposedly can damage the clutch ? I read this some where and so have always followed this advice and so far am nearly at the 800 hours that will see the SC rebuilt.
I have read on the forums many owners that have had to replace their clutches, and would like to have known if they did it from riding on the water or did they rev the engine out of water whilst cleaning the ski and flushing the engine ?
I bought the Sports sponsons as well as the Worx intake and ride plate as well as a few other mods, nothing that has increase HP just things that aided cooling breathing as well as exhaust, I also got the larger WORX Intercooler with Blow out valve.
The ski handles like it's on rails and I have travelled across the Bay a few times and I can sit on 35 to 45 mph quite comfortably even with a little chop, my Ski does 67mph by the GPS with myself 120kg and pillion of 87 to 110kg.
The newer Skis have far more HP than mine as well as a better designed pump unit.
Handling wise, I prefer the Yamaha over the Seadoo as two of my Friends have Seadoo and they also prefer my SHO and will buy a Yamaha next time they buy.
My Yamaha has cost me far less than my friends Seadoo have cost them as well as I haven't had a break down once as I get my Ski serviced every year or 50 hours.
I think the newer Seadoo are a lot more reliable than they used to be and so I can't say anything about Seadoo of the last five years as my friends are 5 years ol or more as us retired people can't afford to throw money about for no reason.
I will keep my old 2008 and may just increase boost to the next stage as well as get a tune to match as I have ridden the 2021 SVHO and except for the RIDE feature mine handles just as good if not better as I do have the WORX gear :) and the extra power I can get with spending a few dollars that I saved from not buying a new Ski every few years ;) as well as having bought a Yamaha in the first place ;)
A Supercharged Ski gives you constant power all the way to full throttle, there is no lag like with a Turbo, how you ride and how you care for your Ski will depend how much trouble you have, my Ski is old and yet the SC is the original and another year from rebuild.
What you need to do is find some one with a FX-SHO or latter and take it for a ride to see, in my Jet Ski group we have all makes and models, I have ridden them all and would get a Yamaha again if I ended up giving my old faithful to one of my Grand Children and decided to buy a newer model.
I was told by three Jet Ski mechanics in my area to get the Yamaha, I also spoke to a friend in the Surf Life Savers in my area that had Yamaha Skis and they had Seadoo previously and he much preferred the Yamaha as far as handling and performance, they didn't have Supercharged Skis just normally aspirated.
I went from 750 Kawasaki Pole Skis to the FX-SHO, it was a huge change :)
My advice, take the Seadoo equivalent to the SVHO for a test run and then the SVHO, it's the only way to know, never buy a Ski without a test ride :) also ask your local all bran Ski mechanic which he would recommend as the Dealer will of course tell you theirs is best :)
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