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Senior looking for used stable waverunner

Hi- I'm 62 and am looking for a wave runner to use at my cottage. I frequently have 2 guests, so I would like it to seat three. Would probably prefer a 4 stroke so it isn't so loud. Think stability over speed. I'd like it to be fast enough to jump waves and have fun, but no super high speeds are required. I'm not confident i'm strong enough to get back on it if i were to fall off, although i'd plan to add a ladder.

Concerns- I had a jet boat at my cottage and had to give it up because it was constantly sucking up weeds. In a year I only rode it twice. I'd bring it into the dock and it would be fine, then 5' later I'd head out and it wouldn't go. I'm on disability and don't have the energy to have to get out of the boat and pull weeds out all the time. Yet I have a neighbor with a jet ski and he doesn't seem to have any problems. If weeds were to get trapped, I'd have to be able to get back to the dock before clearing them out.

Do any jet skis have levers that push the weeds out?

Would like recommendations for models that might work for me- any manufacturer. Again, nothing fancy required. But after giving up my jet boat and buying a pontoon, i miss being able to go fast from time to time. I still have a need for speed....

Would like to stay around 3 to 4 grand with a single trailer, if that's realistic. I have zero mechanical abilities, to it would need to be new enough/ dependable enough that it would work through the season without issues. I would have it professionally winterized at the end of the season. Thanks!
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