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Hey guys and gals! I am new to the forum and looking for opinions on a 1992 SEADOO XP I am thinking about buying.

Here is the ad:

1992 SEADOO XP BomBardier 560cc 2 seater. Needs work. I havent ran it since last summer, but im sure i could get it started with some new plugs & charge the battery which is fairly new. You could have a lot of fun If you are skilled mechanically or want to put a little money into this ski. It will do 50-55 easy & is a lot more agile & fun than the giant 2-3 seaters of today. Trailer is in good shape & has a big storage box attached. I have both titles for the ski & trailer although i never transfered over to my name. Serious buyers can email me for more specific info. $550 cash

Then I emailed the guy for more details and this was his response:

It does need work. How much I don’t know, Ive never taken it somewhere to have it looked at. You wont find a pwc that doesn’t need work for $400-500. If you are looking for one you can take to the lake this weekend then start looking to spend $1300 or more & you’ll still need to put some money into that from time to time.

The last time I was riding it was bogging down at low to medium speeds like it wasn’t getting a steady flow of gas. It was running fine when I had it opened up. It finally stalled on me in the middle of the lake & I couldn’t get started, so I put it up & haven’t messed with it since.

It has always had a slow gas/oil/water leak inside the engine compartment but I think that’s just a loose hose(s). .

Also, it needs a small part to keep the start button in place. I could easily sell for $1000-1500 if I were to put some time & money into it but I have a new ski now & im not very good mechanically. The trailer itself is worth $200-300.

If you are good with engines or have a good connection with someone who is, then this is probably a good buy for you

Do ya'll think this is worth pursuing??? What about upgrades? What kind of potiental does this thing have?
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