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thinking of buying 2005 rxp

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im looking at a 2005 rxp with 50 hrs. how long do the super chargers last? any other problems i should know about?
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Do a google search on "RXP ceramic washer failure".
Hey guy don't let the nay sayers scare you. The ceramic thrust washers will last at least 120 hours. They are no big deal to replace. I have only Seadoo skis and they are all supercharged 1500's with absolutely no problems. Including a 2006 RXT with the same motor except now it is extremly modifed to 295 HP. Go to Green Hulk forum they are mostly running Yamaha and Seadoo skis. There are alot of great members there that share alot of info in their posts. I know the owner of that forum, Jerry Gaddis, he has personally helped me dial in my RIVA RXT. Most of the problems you might hear about are due to owner neglect and poorly maintained skis. The RXP changed the whole game by wearing the performance crown by crushing the stinky two stroke GPR 1300 Yamie when it was introduced as a matter of fact they are now installing supercharged 1500 Seadoo engines in the GPR hull and running anywhere from 90 to 100 mph If you doubt that go to Green Hulk and see for yourself, or go to face book and look up Jerry Gaddis his Seadoo powered Yamaha runs 98 mph, this forum is lame when it come to performance.:2thumbsup:
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