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Finally had a day that all three of us could take our rigged skis out fishing. It was me, my brother John of Barhamsville and our friend Tommy Wilson of West Point. Plan was to hit some bouys for Cobia and then the Chesapeake Light Tower for some Jacks. We departed Rudee Inlet around 1130 and went straight to the bouys around 7 miles out. My first cast with a lively eel went straight into the mouth of a nice 45 inch Cobia, I set the hook and the fun was on. I took my time and watched 4 or 5 of his buddies follow him around, by the time I netted him the others were gone. We tried for another but had no luck.
Proceeded to the CLT and dropped live spot and eels (I now have a livewell on my ski) all around the tower with nothing but bait fish in sight. I went under the tower, tied off and jumped in with my speargun and speared 4 spades, the vis was about 25 ft. I did not see anything but spadefish and bait. On the way back we threw eels at a couple more bouys.
Back at Rudee at 1700 hrs. We all had agreat time, the seas were not bad at 2-3ft. I covered 36 miles and burned 8 gallons. Here are some pictures.

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