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I was sold 2 expensive throttle sensors (part # 270000251) for my XP DI, which I ended up NOT needing, They are still unopened in the little baggies. The seadoo dealer would NOT take them back, nor would seadoo BRP corporate help me. I am out $369.98 for these 2 sensors, as well as an air sensor (27060000) $76.96 on another post for sell for same said ski not needed or unopened as well. They mis diagnosed from their BUDS report to mechanic. I was told to order, so I paid for upfront. The day I picked them up, my mech fixed my ski without them. Check your parts #, as they may fit other skis, year and or make.

I will sell at a discount to recoup some of my money, or if a dealer wants to send back and make some money they can. I have the receipt. Parts still un opened. I will work with whomever on these or the air sensor. If interested I will give my cell number.

My e-mail is [email protected] as it attached to this forum.

I am in Ray City, Ga. Near Valdosta. _ Moody A.F.B.

Any help moving these parts appreciated, they are brand new.


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