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hey guys,
I have a 95-96???? 770cc Tigher Shark Monte Carlo that i have had for YEARS and it still runs like a top. Only problem is after it has been sitting for a while when you first putt it in the water and smash on the throttle it bogs down and takes a couple seconds to get back up to speed, whats goin on here? Also she tops out at about 55 with me riding it (180 pounds) and gets there fairly quickly, but i was wondering what are some ways to improve both top speed and acceleration? Im not a total newb when it comes to engines and working on them, ive got a 4-wheeler and ive worked on my trucks, but ive never tuched this one. it is a Arctic Cat motor. any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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