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I know youve heard it all here is one more.

Traded my ATV for a 95 Barracuda and a 95 Monterey. They both started at the time of purchase, both had gas already in it. Dont know if it was winterized but it was stored in the garage. At the time I didn't know (and still don't) anything about jetski's or the fact that they can run out of water and still not perform in it.

Anyway, I took them out and this is what I experienced. The Barracuda started and runs however it sounds like it boggs down when applying throttle but after a while will hit the power ban and fly, until of course I shut the throttle down and then it again boggs down and never hit the power ban again. I am thinking this is a carb setting or blockage.

What do you think? What should I try?

The Monterey now wont start or I should say stay running. I can get it running if I pour gasoline in the carb or starter fluid but once it runs out it dies again. I am thinking fuel pump, but not sure how to test (probably take off line into carb and try starting?)Also wondering if old gas could be the cause. And I also noticed what appears to be 2 oil line flow pieces that are not hooked up to another line.

What do you think I should try?

I am trying to think there are honest people in this world and I didn't get ripped off however it is not working out like that.

Please let me know what you think, and YES I have learned a lot since my purchase and will definitely buy new next time.

Ron Foster
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