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I just bought myself a 1998 Yamaha XL 1200 , Nice boat, I got a heck of a deal on it because the owner could not get it to start after 2 years in storage.

I finely got it running by switching the plug wires to the next cylinder in line,It runs but it's clear this isn't correct, I took the longest wire and moved it to the middle cylinder, Then took the middle cylinder wire and moved it to the back cylinder then took a automotive spark plug wire and put it in the last "Short) plug wire so it would reach the first cylinder. It seems somehow that the timing has jumped???, I know it doesn't sound possible but when you put the wires where they should be, "IT WILL NOT START:!!!

Please, Please can someone shed some light on this problem ??

Thanks, dave

Update: Today I put my Waverunner in the water, sure enough I can only hit about 30mph with lots of bogging and some back fireing.
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