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too much smoke

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I'm new to the site and have a problem with my 96 Seadoo GTI that has never been fixed. When I start it up it puts out a TON of white smoke. I had it in the shop a few years ago. They rebuilt the carb, flushed the gas tank and replaced something to do with the exhaust. I haven't used it in a year and started it yesterday. It put out so much smoke (in 10 seconds) that it looked like something was on fire on our street. Also spat out a lot of oil from the exhaust. Normal? Any advice? Thanks.
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check oil pump output
what oil r u using?
Thanks for the help. How do I check the oil pump output?
As for the oil, I don't remember what it is. Probably whatever I found at Walmart when we were on vacation. Could the oil be the problem? Switch to SeaDoo oil?
I burn Klotz and this seems better than the Skidoo. I have several friends using the Klotz Ski Craft oil if you need to order let me know and I could help you I know a guy that sells this oil.
klotz is good
maxima is good
stay away from cheap sheet
too much oil could be mixxing with the fuel witch makes a shit load of smoke, i had the same problem but the cable from the carb to the oil pump was broken
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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