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:thumbsup:thanks man! i live in ontario so Sea Doo dealerships are everywhere. i also have friends with Sea Doo's. Had no idea Honda stopped production - seems they didn't last too long. Thought they they were doing well with their 4 strokes...oh well...Honda knows where they make their money...also didn't know 2 strokes went bye bye.... ski doo snowmobiles came up with a great 2 stroke called the E-Tec, surprised they aren't in the Sea Doo's... they are just as equal on emissions as 4 stroke snowmobiles. But i guess Yamaha, Kawasaki and Sea Doo all have their pros and cons. i have to admit, i'm a sucker for gadgets and fancy bells and whistles so i guess Sea Doo would be my number 1 choice. i'm on alake, so no ocean waves to worry about, just a smooth, maybe a little choppy water. i guess i'll have to do my homework....and i want a brand new PWC, not looking for used. Ya i know they're pricey but i want soemthing for thelong haul. thanks again.

Quentin R.
Toronto, On.
EY Quentin,

I can't believe you would consider anything but a Seadoo. The reason I chose Seadoo was simple after owning about 20 Skidoo snowmobiles starting with my 1985 formula plus, I have not owned anything else they were always dependable and very fast. After all how can you compare an Austrian Motor against a Jap motor. Bombardier is a quality company.:thumbsup: I personally know (Jerry Gaddis )owner of GREEN HULK forum and PWC performance. he swears by Seadoo and Yamaha in that order, so there you have it.
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