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Towing 2007 FX Cruiser HO Question.

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Is there someting that needs to be done before pulling the wave runner in the the water at 25-30 MPH? Does a shutoff valve need to be installed anywhere and if so can you give me info on where? Thanks in advance for your reponse.
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Per the operator's manual, the operator should ride the watercraft, holding on to the handle bars. Tow at 5 mph or less to prevent water from entering the exhaust passages or through the air intake and flooding the engine compartment. Tow using bow eye only, and keep the bow up out of the water to prevent water from entering the engine compartment. Tow with a line long enough to prevent colliding with the towing boat. (rule of thumb 3x the combined length of the tow boat and watercraft)
Why would you be towing or be towed so fast??
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