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Hoping to get advice on 2 issues. RXTX300RS 2016

Issue 1 - I seem to have a .05 second lag between hitting the accelerator and taking off, its not a cavitation but an actual delay in the signal being sent by the CPU, wear ring is new only 2 hours on it, I changed it thinking it may help but no result, impeller and bearings are A1, top speed is 128ks and no other performance issues. This lag is letting 260's get me off the start and is causing me to bounce out of the hole slowly, my ski will also not leap out of the water like all the other 260's and 300's that I ride with, it's very very annoying and I have no idea where to start looking to rectify it without being robbed by a mechanic! No doubt they will come up with some problem that costs $1500 to fix as always!

Issue 2 is minor but my rubber strap has unclipped on the right hand side of my intercooler and fallen to the back, any ideas on how to grab it without pulling out major components?

Thanks in advanced....
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